Europe’s Digital Decade 2021-2030

Become digital

Join the EU’s digital revolution and contribute to a digitally empowered Europe. Europe’s Digital Decade is a chance for each European to grow and get a level higher.

Empowering people and businesses

Europe’s Digital Decade 2021-2030

Digital society

European citizens skilled to use the digital world for everyday life, work and business

Digital infrastructure

Secure, sustainable and climate neutral technology to deliver the digital world to each European

Digital enterprises

Strong and competitive European companies using the digital world to strengthen their global position

Digital public services

European society digitally connected at every public level to manage its affairs quickly

Get involved
in the digital transformation

There is no change without the people living in the European Union. Make a real difference.

Get involved in the process

You can be an active part of the digitisation process and contribute to make the European Union a digital leader globally

Learn more about the transformation

Stay on top of the next steps in the transformation process and benefit from it at every stage

Empower yourself or your business

Start with yourself

As an EU citizen or business owner, you can benefit most from the European Digital Decade by contributing to the digital transformation process. The European Union is only as strong as every person living in Europe. Become digitally strong and help the EU grow.

Get involved in Europe's Digital Decade

how you can contribute and benefit

Take part in consultation

The public consultation gives you a chance to have your say. Tell the EU what you think about the transition process. You can have an impact on the decision-making.

Invest in your digital skills

Digitally skilled citizens, workers and professionals are the foundation of digital transformation. Seize this opportunity to become digitally strong.

Develop a digital business

Digital development is driven by technology provided by European companies (e.g. startups). Companies need to enter the digital market and develop a strong global presence.

Take part in Public consultation

Speak your mind

consultation on a set of European Digital Principles

Consultation on the Data Act (fair data economy)

Consultation on the EU’s 2030 Digital Decade vision

Invest in your digital skills

Become digitally strong


Find learning courses to empower your digital skills and strenthen your personal competitiveness.

Jobs and careers

Find information, resources and inspiration on new career opportunities in the digital world.

Digital platform

Find more information on digital skills and get access to the Digital Skills & Jobs Community.

digital transformation

Contemporary digital skills – Career and business

With the development of the e-commerce market worldwide, as well as a more and more intense digitization of companies and businesses, the demand for skills related to the widely understood launch of sales and online presence is also increasing. This applies both to career and business. Digital skills (competencies) are the future, but also already the present of the modern labor market and it is worth preparing for this in terms of working for someone or for yourself.

The goals for the digital transformation of companies

1 %
of EU companies using Cloud / AI / Big Data
1 %
of SMEs reach at least a basic level of digital
1 %
more of Unicorns (startups with a market value of over 1 billion USD)

Funding opportunities

Grants and tenders

The EU Funding & Tenders portal gives you an opportunity to find proper funding for projects contributing to EU policy objectives and more.

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